2 Framing Questions

This past Tuesday, was our annual Senior Night at Oasis (High School Ministry). It’s become a tradition that we look forward to every year. We have a semi-formal meal, a chance to share stories, and a message to the graduating class from me. Here’s a picture from the night.


In my message to the seniors I asked them to consider 2 questions as they take this next step of their journey.

1 – What kind of person do you want to be?

2 – What story will shape your life?

While these questions were posed to the seniors, I think they’re great framing questions for each of us to consider. It’s easy to be in the passenger seat when it comes to life…just taking it as it comes and going with the flow. I’m reminded of the worlds of Romans 12:1-2. The message translation says that the world wants to squeeze us into it’s mold…to shape us in its image. We are called to resist that and instead to be transformed by God. If we’re not intentional about what kind of person we want to be (what we value) and what story will shape us (the Gospel hopefully!), we’ll quickly become passengers and allow the world to steer us. God calls us to more than that. I believe each of us have a responsibility to be the best “us” we can be. God has created us with careful attention to detail (Psalm 139:13) and has gifted us according to his purposes (I Corinthians 12). This tells me that each of us has an important part to play in God’s work in this world. I believe these questions serve as a good gut check to see if we’re on the journey of discovering that or if we’ve gotten off track. I hope you’ll consider how you would answer these questions. The world needs you to be you!