Dragging the Garbage


This morning I watched a person take their garbage bin out to the curb. It was a curious sight because of how she was doing it. Instead of simply tipping it back and using the wheels, she was just dragging it flat on its bottom surface – the entire length of her driveway. She was struggling physically to get it done. Using the wheels to move it (as it was designed) would have been so much easier.


It made me think of the many times I have struggled when I haven’t lived life as God has designed. I was made to be in fellowship with Him. To find my completeness in Him.  I drag along, laboring simply because I’ve chosen to not walk in his design for me.


This isn’t to say life is struggle-free when I am daily waking with God; far from it. But I have the confidence of his presence when I walk with him. Peace. Strength. Joy. Wisdom. Contentment. Really good stuff! Even when life is hard – I’m okay.


When I am out of step with him I tire easily and invite a host of other maladies: discouragement, fear, worry,  anger, etc.  It’s a drag!


Let me encourage you – live life as God has intended you to – walking with him. He is the WHEELS that’s makes it a lot easier!