This past Sunday we looked at the 5 environmental values of ACC. These are the vibes we desire to give out. Our feel. Our atmosphere. Our culture.


How are you doing in exemplifying these values?


#1 FUN

  • How often do you laugh?
  • Do you look forward to church, expecting both to be blessed and to be a blessing?
  • Do you think Dave is funny?




  • Do you make an effort to greet others and smile?
  • Do you make an effort to learn and remember names?
  • Do you ever approach someone sitting by their self and ask if you can sit by them?




  • Are you willing to share your weaknesses / struggles?
  • Do you dress to impress or dress to be comfortable?
  • Do you sincerely take an interest in others?




  • Do you actively look for ways to serve those around you?
  • Do you actively look for ways to give more money to the church?
  • Do you actively look for ways to focus your worship exclusively toward God?




  • Do you sing with gusto when it’s time to sing?
  • Do you listen with a teachable heart during the sermon?
  • What role do you play in giving ACC an environment where people can flourish spiritually?



Our church would powerfully advance the kingdom of God in people’s hearts if we all were determined to live out these values. It begins with YOU. It begins with ME. Let’s do it!