True, Lasting Joy

Satisfy us each morning with your unfailing love, so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives. – Psalm 90:14

Monday, my daughter started 1st grade. Her first day of “full-day” school. She was so ready for school to start and so excited about meeting new friends. We dropped her off at school and she was in the door of her classroom and settling into her desk without even saying goodbye to us. She’s always been that way…independent and ready for anything. We waved from the door and then left to drop my son off at his first day of preschool (it was an emotional day for my wife!). We went about the rest of our day and anxiously awaited the end of the school day. We stood outside waiting for the bus wondering how the first day had gone…would she be tired? did she make new friends? did she have enough time to eat her lunch? did we forget to send something she needed? Lots of questions as we waited. Before long, the bus arrived and she came running of the bus and yelled “That was the best day of my life! Can we have a party and invite all of my friends to celebrate the first day of school?” Lisa and I laughed about that for a while…I’m still laughing to myself as I write this now. It was a really funny moment, but the thing that sticks with me is the sheer joy on her face. Simple. Childlike. Joy.

I want to experience joy like that in my life…true, lasting joy. Joy like that can only come from God. I want to be so satisfied in God that I experience what Psalm 90:14 is talking about.