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God uses people to reach people. That’s a fact.


Could God use you in such a way?



EACH ONE REACH ONE is our emphasis for the 2015-16 school year. Our vision is that each regular attender at ACC will reach one person for Christ.


The most selfish, unloving thing we could do is to not bother to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those people God has placed in our life.


So many of us have already made the commitment to identify 3 people in our circle of influence who do not yet know Christ and with God’s help we purpose to:


  1. Pray for them daily.
  2. Look for an opportunity to share our faith story.
  3. Invite them to ACC.


Are you on board? Excited? I know I am!


This will be a revolutionary time for our church and for us as we step out in faith and watch God use us to reach our friends and family with the life-changing power of Christ.


I am praying for you!




Love Jesus? Love Kids?

Kids ClubHouse logo

Have you considered serving in our children’s ministry? It’s a fantastic place to serve! Our children’s ministries are actively engaged in making disciples. We’re introducing children to God’s word and inviting them into a relationship with Jesus. It’s fun, exciting, and super rewarding. We’d love for you to join our team.

Consider the impact you could have…

  • You may be laying a foundation for long-term discipleship
  • You may be investing in a future world changer
  • You may be reaching the parents through the child
  • You may be a much needed source of love and acceptance
  • You may be creating healthy patterns and meaningful memories

There are many ways to serve in our Children’s Ministry. Whether you have a lot of time to offer or just a little, we can find a spot for you. We provide all the necessary training and resources so that your time can be spent with the kids instead of on preparation.

We currently have positions open in our Preschool Ministry, Elementary School Ministry, and Awana. Please email if you are interested in learning more about how you can be a part of our team of adults who love kids and love Jesus.





If you regularly attend ACC you NEED to be here this Sunday, September 13.


I will be casting a vision that is bigger and more important than probably anything you have ever been a part of IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.


You will be invigorated. Re-energized. Maybe a bit intimidated or even frightened. If you absolutely cannot be here then be sure to listen to the podcast ASAP.


This Sunday will be the start of a dramatic shift for ACC. And for you. And for me.