Practicing Thanks-living


God is good.

Never was that truth more evident than yesterday in both of our Sunday morning worship services. We had a time for people to step up to the open mic and say what they are thankful for.

It was so encouraging and powerful! A wide variety of people participated: teenagers & senior citizens, recent attenders & long time partners, etc. Some were emotional while others were silly; some were very succinct while others seriously pushed the 1-minute time limit. I sensed that all were sincere.

Giving credit where credit is due. God, our Father, is the giver of all good gifts (James 1:17). It is only right for us to express our thanks.

What do you thank God for? Don’t let this Thanksgiving pass without articulating your gratefulness to God!

I pray you enjoy time with family and friends this Thanksgiving as you practice Thanks-living.


P.S. What am I thankful for?? That’s a no brainer. I am incredibly thankful for my dear wife Karen. In the 7 weeks since my ruptured Achilles tendon and subsequent surgery she has waited on me hand and foot. I’ve been pretty helpless and useless around the house. I know it has been a heavy burden to her but she has cheerfully served me day in and day out. Thanks Kar – I love and appreciate you.