Don’t play without passion!



There is a bit of controversy as to whether this is a legit quote of Beethoven. No matter (to me anyway!). I love the thought and it readily applies to those of us who follow Christ.



Playing wrong notes is inevitable. It’s how you learn. As you practice, the wrong notes will become less and less frequent. It takes time, dedication and practice. It is a process. No one expects to play like an expert overnight.



We experience many failures in living for Christ. But we learn from our shortcomings. As we walk with him and mature spiritually our sinning will decrease. It is a long-term process. No one should expect to be a mature Christian overnight. Becoming like Jesus takes time. Lots of it.



But in light of all that God has done for us, though we cannot be perfect, we should be passionate! Stoke the flames of spiritual passion by reading his Word, praying, fellowshipping with like-minded believers, actively engaging in corporate worship, resisting compromise with sin, consciously depending on the Holy Spirit and regularly reflecting on all the blessings you have in Christ Jesus.