Retreat Day

On Thursday I spent part of my day away at a retreat center in the area. My goals were to get away, spend some quality time with God, and reflect on the past year. The time was restful, spiritually refreshing, and very meaningful. Have you ever taken the time do something like this? I want to suggest to you that it could be a very powerful growth step in your spiritual life. Jesus did this sort of thing regularly (Luke 5:16). If He needed it, how much more do we need it?!?!

Here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way…

  • I have to schedule something like this rather than fit it in when there’s time. If I wait until there’s time, there will never be a “convenient” time. I make it a habit to put a date down on the calendar several months out and then protect that day.
  • I need accountability to make something like this happen. I planned this day with a few other youthworkers. We spent time alone, together. We showed up at the same location and then spread out around the facility and did our own thing. Committing to do this with others helped keep it a priority in my schedule.
  • Regular reflection keeps things in perspective.¬†As I reflected on the last year, I was blown away at what God has done. The ways I’ve seen him at work in our church, in my family, and in me personally are overwhelming. YET, I wasn’t tuned into these things until I stopped and reflected. Regular reflection helps me keep the bigger picture in perspective.
  • Something is better than nothing. While I would have loved to get a way for an extended period of time (a full day or an overnight), that wasn’t possible. I made the decision to get away for a few hours and it was definitely worth it!

I hope you’ll take some time to get away, spend some quality time with God, and reflect. If you do, I’d love to hear about your experience.