5 Christmas Gifts That Don’t Cost Jack!

Christmas presents piled underneath a christmas tree.



5 great Christmas gifts that don’t cost anything at all!


  1. The gift of listening. So many people desperately crave to really be listened to; to be understood. A person feels valued when they have your undivided attention. When is the last time you’ve given this gift to your spouse? To each of your children? Your elderly parents?


2. The gift of time. IMHO the old “quality time” vs. “quantity time” is a false dichotomy. It shouldn’t be either / or but rather both/and. By all means be all there for family and friends (quality time) but don’t keep such a busy schedule that you can’t regularly give them a big chunk of time to go for a long walk in the woods, watch a movie (an entire Star Wars marathon?) or hop the train for a day in the city?? (quantity time)


3. The gift of encouraging words. We live in a world that constantly tears us down – instilling fear, doubt, insecurity, discouragement, etc. Its really hard to underestimate how helpful kind words can be. The bible says, “…an encouraging word cheers a person up.” (Proverbs 12:25) Speak positive and upbeat words into the lives of those around you – it will make their day!


4. The gift of service. Go “above and beyond” for someone – even simple acts of service, especially when unexpected, can really be a blessing to others. Target someone and then…shovel their sidewalk, vacuum out their car, make their bed, load their dishwasher, fix their dinner, walk their dog, etc. Be creative.


5. The gift of Jesus. Is there a better gift?? Forgiveness. Eternal life. Meaning. Purpose. Spiritual peace and joy. So share him with those you love! Begin by praying for others by name – that their heart and mind would be turned toward Christ. Then look for opportunities to tell them what Jesus means to you. Finally, invite them to church. Is it a bit of a risk? Sure. But a risk well worth it. Jesus lves them. They need to know that!



Merry Christmas! I pray God’s love for you is very real to you and that he enables you to share his love with others.