This Sunday, January 3 at ACC we begin a new teaching series – BECOMING WHAT YOU BELIEVE. This 11 week study in the book of Ephesians will be a game changer as we learn more fully all that God has done for us through Jesus Christ and the resulting command he gives us to live in a manner worthy of our calling.


How can the maximum out of this new series?


  • Attend regularly. If you must miss – be sure to listen to the podcast.


  • Actively listen. Take notes. Intentionally focus.


  • Discuss it. Whether for 5 minutes or 30, find a friend or family member and interact on each sermon. (Better yet, join a growth group!) What did you learn? What did it get you thinking about? Anything confusing or troubling?


  • Come humbly. Have a teachable spirit; in fact, invite the Holy Spirit to be your teacher.


  • Read it. This week. By this coming Sunday, January 3 make the time to read completely through the book of Ephesians – at least once, maybe a couple times.


I’m praying this study will change our lives – that it will change our church!