EORO Stories


2015-16 at ACC is the year of EACH ONE REACH ONE. We are moving toward each person reaching one person for Christ. And so we are praying specifically for the people God has placed in our sphere of influence (family, co-workers, classmates, neighbors, etc.). We are also looking for opportunities to share our faith story with them and perhaps even invite them to church!


As we engage in this outreach, many stories are being written. Some are stories of “success” – some not so much. Regardless, as we answer the call of Christ to be active witnesses it might surprise us to discover that WE are changed. Here is one person’s story:



“Thought I would share my experiences thus far.  Early in the fall I reached out to a couple I’ve known for 20 years and invited them to church and to chat about faith.  They respectfully declined so I have been praying and looking for further opportunities with them.  So we shall see how that one develops.  They are very far from the Lord and in desperate need, and have no idea how that He is what is missing.”


“In addition, God has used this venture to kick me in the butt in a way I had not anticipated.  Shortly after our first meeting I was praying about whom to place on my list of 3.  My thoughts drifted to the couple I mentioned and how I first met them and who introduced us to one another.  And then God hit me between the eyes and forced the realization that the person I most need to be praying for is my ex-wife, the person who introduced me to the couple originally.  I have had zero contact with her for over a decade now, and yet continue to struggle with feelings of anger and resentment.  However, while I know nothing about her current life or spiritual well-being, God has implanted the conviction (if not yet an honest desire) to pray for her spiritual health daily.  I have to admit that it is a very difficult battle for me and that my follow-thru is inconsistent at best, but I am trying.  I believe God is using Each One Reach One to reach me in new ways, and to help heal some of my brokenness while I reach out to others.  I would appreciate your prayers as I attempt to follow God’s lead.”  


Cool stuff! Who knows how God might continue to develop this story?? But to view others as deeply loved of God who need to hear about and believe in Christ ends up changing us!