I’ve spent the last two Mondays writing about the negatives of being a leader and how to overcome them. While I believe that what I wrote was true and realistic, I also want to acknowledge that there are some tremendous rewards and benefits to being a leader.


1. You are forced to develop and grow – that’s a good thing! The demands of leadership will stretch you to grow intellectually, socially and emotionally. You’ll pick up experiences and skills along the way that will last a lifetime.

2. You get to have a lot of influence. Directional, big picture vision casting, creating game-changer policies or procedures / protocols and training others to their betterment. Leaders want to make a difference – and get to everyday!


3. You will develop a healthier, more productive lifestyle. The responsibilities of leadership will likely cause you to be more focused, use your time better, and become more disciplined with your sleep, diet and exercise habits.


4. You will know the joy of seeing God work in and through you. As a result, your faith will increase as will your desire to serve God and others even more through your leadership gifts. It is extremely rewarding and gratifying.


5. You will come to realize that if you treat people with respect and believe in their God-given abilities and creativity –  amazing things will happen. Unleash people and most will respond beyond your expectations.


6. You will be drawn closer to and become more reliant upon God – again, that’s another good thing! As you struggle with feelings of incompetency or endure harsh criticism or just feel overwhelmed with the scope of your responsibilities, you will end up leaning hard into God for strength and wisdom. And it is there you will know the truth that his strength is perfected in your weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). You will come to see that whatever you might accomplish is because of his provision in your life.


God is able. So, lead leaders. If God is calling you – answer that call. Step out in faith and see how God can use you!