Belonging before Believing

I was looking back through some old notes and rediscovered a couple quotes from the book The Celtic Way of Evangelism by George C Hunter III. The ACC leadership team read this book several years ago and we recommended it this year as a resource in our Each One Reach One challenge.

“For most people, belonging comes before believing.”

“Recent studies indicate that most people experience the faith [Christianity] through relationships, that they encounter the gospel through a community of faith, [and] that becoming a Christian involves a process that takes time.”

Rereading these quotes reminded me of the importance of my continued efforts to reach the people I listed on my Each One Reach One card. It’s a process that takes time and often they need to experience community and belonging before they’re ready to believe. This tells me that my time spent building relationships, praying, and inviting is well-spent. Progress may be slow, but I’m laying the foundation of relationship and belonging that hopefully paves the way for belief.

I hope you’re encouraged to stay the course and continue your efforts. Easter is just around the corner. Easter provides a great opportunity to invite (or re-invite) someone to church.