For the past year, I’ve been mentoring a college student from our church. We meet weekly to talk about life, discuss a chapter in a book we’ve chosen to read together, and pray together. I look forward to these meetings every week. It’s exciting to walk alongside someone in their faith development. We’re currently reading through the book Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples by Francis Chan and Mark Beuving.

Here’s an excerpt from the book that really stuck out to me this week.

In response to Moses’s second question (“Who are You?”), God said very simply, “I AM WHO I AM.” This is not a dismissive statement. It is very significant, and there’s much to be learned from this declaration. God was explaining that He cannot define Himself by pointing to anyone or anything else. The name I AM speaks of His eternality. Where as an appropriate name to describe us would be “I became” or “I was brought into existence,” God’s name is “I AM” because He has always existed. He is who He is, and that is who He will always be. This is a statement of absolute being, absolute power, absolute importance. God is who He is, and He never changes. (p 177)

So much meaning packed into this short statement. So much that we can easily miss. God cannot define himself by pointing to anyone or anything else. We do this all the time. Consider how you answer the question “Who are you?”…Our family name identifies who we are based on our lineage. Our address identifies us based on where we live. Our career, hobbies, interest, etc are ways of defining ourselves. God doesn’t need to do this. He is the All-powerful creator of the universe who has always existed and always will.

Moving from head to heart…this truth offers me a tremendous amount of comfort. Knowing that God is constant and unchanging helps me to be at peace in the midst of the unknown. Knowing that I can depend on God to be who He says He will be and to do what He says He will do makes me feel secure. Like a child playing at the playground feels safe knowing that Mom or Dad is there watching over them, I feel safe knowing that my God is who He is, and He never changes.