2 year program update


Last weekend, (5/20-22) I was in Colorado for the first of my four weekend retreats in my 2 year leadership development program. We were at a Christian camp up in the mountains. I love the mountains…it was a huge blessing to do this retreat in that setting. The rest of the weekends will be in IL & WI…not as exciting scenery wise, but still equally powerful experiences.

I’m still processing all that I learned on the weekend, but wanted to share with you something that was particularly impactful for me. This retreat was on life mission/purpose. There were 40 participants – various ages and careers. A number of men came into the weekend wondering if they were going to end up changing their careers after discovering their mission/purpose. During the course of the retreat, we discovered that mission and purpose has more to do with what kind of person you are than with what kind of job you have. I think this is an easy mistake to make. We often find our identity in what we do for work. The reality is, that’s something we do, not who we are. Granted, there are times where who we are and what we do are very similar, but even still the job doesn’t define us…we just happen to be in a job that is aligned with our gifting/abilities/passions/etc. What am I getting at??? Understanding who we are, how God has shaped us, and what gifts/abilities He’s given us, provides us with the opportunity to live on mission every moment of every day. Mission is about what kind of person we are at a core level. So, no matter what situation we find ourselves in, we have the opportunity to be that person and as a result to fulfill our mission/purpose.

I love this stuff! For me, understanding what kind of person I want to be has an impact on every area of my life. It affects how I interact with my wife and kids. It affects how I interact with my fellow church staff members, lead our student and children’s ministries, teach, etc. I’m excited to continue to unpack this and explore the mission/purpose that God has created me for. Thank you for your financial support that has made this journey possible.