12 Ways to Pray for your Church!

In my sermon this past Sunday I gave 4 suggestions for how to grow in your love for ACC. One of the ideas was to pray for ACC. When we regularly pray for something God draws our heart toward it. We begin to care more because of our praying.


Immediately after the 2nd service someone approached me with this excellent question: “How do I pray for our church?” I didn’t have a ready answer at the time. Oops!


Since then, I’ve had a chance to think about it and so let me give you 12 ways to pray for ACC (in no particular order):


  1. Pray for our leaders – especially the elders and staff. So goes the leaders – so goes the church. Therefore pray they resist temptation – living lives of integrity and devotion to Christ. Pray they would lead with humility and wisdom.
  2. Pray for the preaching of the Word of God each Sunday – that the gospel would be proclaimed clearly and boldly. Pray that the grace and mercy found in Jesus Christ is communicated loud and clear.
  3. Pray our congregation would maintain the unity given to us by the Holy Spirit; that we would refrain from pettiness, gossiping, jealousy and pride. Pray we would humbly serve and encourage each other.
  4. Pray for our giving – that we would develop the habit of tithing. Pray that a lack of money would never get in the way of doing what we feel God has called us to do. Pray that all of our regular attenders would give regularly, generously, sacrificially and cheerfully!
  5. Pray we would be an effective witness to our community – that each of our people would go into their schools, neighborhoods and work places determined to share their faith with others.
  6. Pray we would embrace people different from us, that in the midst of diversity there would be true unity and acceptance.
  7. Pray our worship on Sunday mornings would be vibrant and authentic; that our songs would point us to Christ and give Him all the glory He deserves.
  8. Pray our people would be grow in the habit of reading their bible daily – it’s the most spiritually transformative habit we could possibly develop.
  9. Pray each person at ACC would volunteer to serve at church at least one hour per week. Obviously we are a volunteer organization – we need people to get off the bench and get into the game. Pray that those already serving would be faithful and find great joy in their service.
  10. Pray that our people would be growing in their love for God and for our church – increasingly sold out to both!
  11. Pray we would be protected from Satanic attack and we would actively resist Satan and his schemes. He desires to discredit us and destroy us. We must engage in spiritual warfare.
  12. Pray that God would make us discontent with superficial relationships; that we would be intentional about going deeper with others – forming solid, life-long friendships.


No doubt there are many other ways we can pray for our church, these are just some ideas I came up with while eating carrots and hummus at my kitchen table!




2 thoughts on “12 Ways to Pray for your Church!

  1. Laura slusar

    Numbers 11 and 12 strike me as being very critical and in tune with each other. They need to occur together. The enemy affects everybody so deeply and yet so differently, it makes sense to be open about it with safe people from our church. Deepening relationships at church means we can open up to those people about our struggles and how Satan seeks to take us away.

    1. dave Post author

      I couldn’t agree more Laura! We need to know that we are not alone in our spiritual struggles. We are definitely better together!

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